Atmospheric Entertainment Paparazzi Character

Do you tire of not getting the recognition you deserve, or do you know of an unsung hero that deserves the full star treatment? Do you want to see heads turn at your entrance? We have just the thing for you!

Our Paparazzi makes everyone take notice. Passers by will stop to gawk, strangers will ask who the star is, and the brave might even ask for an autograph. With our band of enthusiastic paparazzi surrounding you, begging for pictures or a quote on current events, everyone will want to know your name.

You choose how to react while being followed around by reporters with flashing cameras and excitedly extended microphones. Will you embrace fame? Or modestly hide your face while murmuring “No comment…”

It’s your time in the spotlight and you get to play it your way! It’s time to hit the tabloids!